Hip-Hop Education: The Northern and Southern Hip-Hop Cultures

17th of April 2022, was a great day to learn something extraordinary. A tiny detail that helped in the clarification of a hypothesis I’ve longed had; the disparity between the quality of hip-hop creatives of the Northern Hip-hop Culture, and those of the Southern Hip-hop Culture. Before we ponder on, here are definitions for context; A Northern Hip-hop Culture practitioner is any individual – male or female, young or old – of any religious belief, from any tribe within the recognised boundaries

Is Shut Up A Bad Word?

The phrase shut up, like music, can also be tagged as a universal language.

Every language in the world seem to have a direct translation of this word, and make use of it in their everyday communication.

Shut up is also a phrase that has been around for centuries, even though the meaning may have changed a number of times over the years.

Its perceived tone also has changed over the years and these days, its tone ranges based on the user’s emotional tone, mood, and context, sometimes good, and


In the components of the Exclusive Recording Artiste Agreement or Recording Contract, the Artiste Advance is the part that is of immediate benefit to the artiste in the deal. The artiste receives an Advance from the label in exchange for the exclusive license to own/publish and exploit the Sound Recording Copyright and the Copyright in the Compositions of the songs the artiste will record for the label. This leads us to the definition of the artiste advance.

You may be familiar with the word Ad

Building a Sustainable Community Economy for Hip-hop Creatives

A lot of questions have been posed regarding hip-hop’s decline from mainstream and why it is currently struggling to be a top 3 genre in the country. Several reasons for this decline have also been provided over the years; the rappers; the audience; the media; lastly, cultural acceptance.

With all these questions and postulations lingering around, I decided to check in on other members of the hip-hop industry to hear their takes. At the end of the day, we all are the ones with the challenges in

Editor's Note: The State and Future of the New Hip Hop Industry in 2022.

I know it’s been a minute and I’ve not been up and doing; filthy December that included three states, a weekend getaway, beach party, house party, three club nights, a LOT of trees, and three prophets – you didn’t look for God? A pity.

Anyways, it is time to get on with business. I felt it would be befitting to kick off the first back-to-work article as a briefing material of our findings and our mission for the hip-hop culture, Nigeria and Africa.

The continued points and arguments for the pa

10 Best Customer Experience Management Software Of 2022

Creating a great customer experience is simple in principal but difficult in practice. With customers interacting with your brand at so many touchpoints along their journey, it’s tough to create something that delivers end-to-end.

While adopting a proactive, customer-centric mindset is key, there are plenty of tools to help you gather feedback, help customers when they’re stuck, provide a great onboarding experience, and connect emotionally with your customers.

Here’s our pick of the best cust

7 Best Ecommerce Email Marketing Software For 2022

This article will help you quickly compare the best ecommerce email marketing software available on the market today.

Whether we are talking about established multinationals or startups, email marketing is an extremely effective marketing strategy. It makes it easy to communicate with both existing and potential customers, and ensures that you turn the former into repeat buyers and the latter into new customers.

However, for business owners, attempting to send out many emails to a contact list

10 Best Building Information Modeling (BIM) Software

In this article, I look at the best building information modeling (BIM) software. I will focus on the leading software tools in the market that project managers can use at different project stages. I will compare the software based on features and pros and cons.

The software market is inundated with different types of software. This could leave Architect, Engineer, and Construction (AEC) professionals overwhelmed as to which BIM solutions they should go with when executing their construction pr

12 Best Donor Management Software Comparison

To run a successful organization that depends on donations, it’s important that you have an excellent system to organize your work. You’ll need to manage a donor database, onboard new donors efficiently, store donation forms, run social media campaigns, and generally streamline your fundraiser processes. Without the right software and campaign management tools in the form of donor management software, this can be a challenging undertaking.

Donor management software is like customer relationship

Top 7 Workday Competitors & Alternatives In 2022

is a human capital management and financial management cloud-based technology company. It was founded in March 2005 by David Duffield and Aneel Bhusri – who were the co-founders, former CEO and Chief Strategist at PeopleSoft (acquired by Oracle) respectively. To create a great product and service, Workday has acquired 17 companies to date. It was listed in Fortune’s Fortune list of Top 100 Places to Work in 2020 based on several surveys.

This article looks at competitors or alternatives to eith